Proudly Patrolling Nobby's Beach since 1954

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Meet the Nipper Committee

The Nobby’s Beach Junior Committee are proud to represent the Nipper community and SLSC during the 2017/18 season.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank, in advance, the tireless efforts of all volunteers, parents, family, friends and of course our future lifesavers…. Our Nippers.

Meet the Junior Activities Committee – JAC

JAC Chairman                                            Grant Mills (0432 077 916)
Deputy Chairman                                      Jason Cunningham
Secretary                                                     Shaun Roberts
Treasurer                                                    Kathryn Sawoniewski
Registrar                                                     Cath Partridge
Awards Officer                                           Simone Smith
Education Officer                                      Maggie Mills
Recorder                                                      Shaun Roberts
Team Manager U8-10                              Paul Sawoniewski
Team Manager U11-14               Vacant 
Carnival Coordinator                                Kathryn Sawoniewski
Gear Steward                                              Dean Barrie
Chief Water Safety                                    Nathan Partridge
Beach Captain                                            Ben Milham
Uniform Officer                                         Jackie Morris
BBQ Coordinator                                       Annette Sutton
Committee Liaison                                    Edwina Roberts
Website/Social Media                               Katrina Hallett/Shannon Hartill-Law